Provence Poetry: A Summer Dream in Lavender

In the heart of the enchanting Provencal countryside, where the sun-drenched lavender fields stretch as far as the eye can see. A dream-inspired wedding inspiration photo shoot unfolded. This celebration of simplicity and poetry brought together the timeless allure of Provence. And the romantic vision of a summer dream. 

The inspiration behind this photo shoot was to capture the essence of a summer dream in Provence – where simplicity meets sophistication, and poetry is woven into the fabric of nature. It was an ode to love and beauty beautifully captured on mid format film photographs. 

Poetic wedding dress

At the center of this idyllic scene was a bride adorned in a magnificent tulle dress from Alma Nova. The gown, with its puffy sleeves, sleet, and delicate lace details, epitomized the fusion of modern elegance and classic charm. As the bride moved gracefully through the lavender fields, the dress seemed to catch the essence of the summer breeze. A vision of ethereal beauty.

Perfect colours to complement lavender

The color palette of gold, orange, white, and blush pink flowers breathed life into the landscape. Roses, peonies, and wildflowers intermingled in harmonious arrangements, echoing the vibrant hues of a Provencal sunset. Each petal added to the natural poetry of the surroundings, creating a symphony of colors that resonated with the spirit of the season.

Timeless emerald ring

The bride wore a stunning emerald ring, a jewel that mirrored the lush greenery of Provence. Its captivating beauty added a touch of sophistication to the overall simplicity of the shoot, symbolizing enduring love and the timeless nature of commitment.


As the sunlight bathed the lavender fields, the atmosphere exuded tranquility and romance. The air, filled with the soothing scent of lavender, was enhancing the sensory experience and transporting everyone present into a realm of pure Provencal magic.

In every frame, the Provence Reverie spoke of a connection between love and nature. Showcasing how the simplest elements, like a beautiful gown and vibrant flowers, can create a lasting memory. This wedding inspiration photo shoot served as a reminder that sometimes, it is in the quiet simplicity of moments that the most profound beauty is found. Especially when set against the breathtaking backdrop of a Provencal lavender field.

Art direction & Photography :  Pattie Fellowes @pattiefellowesphotography 

Floral Design : Celine Braun @celinebraun.floraldesign 

Hair & MUA : Anne Simonin Beauty @annesimoninbeautyofficiel 

Dress by : Les Rubans de Leopoldine @lesrubansdeleopoldine designer @alma_novia 

Table decoration : Rubijoy Weddings @rubijoy_weddings 

Shoes: Bella Belle @bellabelleshoes

Model: Ambre @ambre_thainy

Venue (table): Bastide des Bourguets @bastidedesbourguets

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