About me

My name is Pattie and I’m a fine art wedding and portrait photographer and artist, lucky to live in the sunny South of France.

Artist at heart 

I always wanted to be an artist. But I could never decide which art discipline I loved the most. I think I tried almost everything! As a child I always loved dancing, music and painting. But my curious soul could never focus on just one thing. Eventually I found myself in theatre and acting.

Later, studying fine art at a university, I was still drifting between fashion, graphic and interior design… Eventually my adventure with film production and working as a video director begun. And then the magic happen – photography came to me as a bliss – a medium that merged all my favourite creative fields into one and allowed me to work with people at the same time. 

Being an experienced artist in other creative fields really helps me in my photographic work. Not only it helped me to develop my unique style and aesthetics, but also it gave me a better understanding of seeing and representing what’s beautiful.

Photographing people 

People are the biggest inspiration in my work. I’m empathic and a good observer, which helps me to understand my subjects, and create unique and emotional portraits. I’m always fascinated with my clients’ stories, and it feels like we make a connection while working together.

I’m also an extreme optimist – always finding a good side – and this always shows in my attitude and photos.

I believe in the secret power of a photograph – a power to bring back beautiful memories. As a mum of two, I understand the importance of capturing the moment. A moment that you can share and that would last forever. I’m so grateful that as a photographer I can give you that wonderful gift of memories.

Working on the other side of the camera

Yes, I have a good experience on your side of the camera too! I understand it’s not always easy but I will share all my professional secrets with you and help you to find your best angels.

Fun fact about me

After hours I’m a semi-pro contemporary dancer, specialising in aerial hoop. This is a great way to get a full body strength as a photographer who works long hours at weddings. Also, working with dance developed my understanding of the body gracefulness and flattering angles that I usually apply while helping you to pose – it’s all very technical.


I have been working with art, photography and video making for over fifteen years. After completing my BA and MA degree in Fine art and Media Production, I worked as a freelance photographer and then spent four years teaching photo and video production at the University of the West of England. I spent time in two art residencies, have featured in several art exhibitions, and assisted multiple art projects. At the moment I’m based in Toulouse, Southern France, which I found incredibly beautiful and inspirational. Several of my portraits from Toulouse are published in photography and wedding magazines, Vogue, and awarded in national competitions.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please have a look at my galleries to see my work, or contact me if you’d like more details.

Best wishes,

Pattie Fellowes