Documentary wedding photography in a fine art style

If you’re looking for a documentary style wedding photography, full of love, fun and emotions, yet produced in an artistic way with an attention to beautiful aesthetics, I’m here for you!

I combine my skills in using the natural light, understanding of composition and eye for all the sweet details that make your wedding day magical. I refine my photographs with an editorial focus yet always looking through a romantic lens.

Balancing the classic and contemporary styles, I want my photographes to look candid, dreamy and make you feel warm inside. Photographs that you will cherish forever and that will become even more valuable after a time. 

“Hi Pattie, I just had a quick look at the wedding photos and am emotional all over again. What talent you have! You caught the mood of the evening perfectly–the joy, the sweet moments, the laughter, the love. Thank you so much for being our photographer for this special event as well as for our photos in Toulouse. We are so lucky to have found you” Taylor, 2018
Look beautiful and feel comfortable

My goal is to be your mirror that reflects the most beautiful version of yourself. You are wonderful and perfect the way you are. I find the most flattering light and angles to make you always look good, and without any awkward posing. Working with me you will feel and look amazing! 

Wedding photography that will bring your day back to life

I capture natural looking images as the story unfolds, but at the same time I ensure they’re aesthetically beautiful and meaningful. Each wedding is unique and my job is to show in the best way photographs that would feel like you.

People, emotions and details are my main focus. My style is natural, emotional and timeless. Authentic – reflecting the reality. I don’t interact your day or enforce any fake posing – allowing you to be yourself. Emotional – because I capture emotions, both happy and sentimental, and all the nostalgic details that evoke sentiments. Each of my photos tells an individual story. Timeless – inspired by the classic aesthetics and following the contemporary trends I will give you images that you will be always proud of, no matter how the fashion evolves. Photographs that will always bring the story back. Lighting is very important for me, and I take the most of it to create painterly photographs.

Why I love photographing weddings?

Personally, I love photographing weddings. I think they’re my favourite to photograph. It gives me goose bumps anytime I see and capture all the wonderful people gathering together to celebrate love, being there for you and making this day fun and beautiful. I’m so grateful I can give people this wonderful gift of memories, that will last through years. Maybe one day it will be you looking through these photos, thinking how much everyone has changed, or maybe your grandchildren will see your photos and think what cool people you were. My gift are my photos and I’m so glad they have such a beautiful purpose.

Wedding photography in France and destination

I’m an English speaking photographer in Southern France and Paris, I love working in Provence and French Rivera. But you can take me for your wedding wherever you like! 

Wedding photography packages

You’re investing not only in an experienced photographer with a great eye, but in the kind of creative direction and compositional instincts that take years to hone.

Digital and film wedding photography

I offer both analogue film and digital photography. Film photography gives you the unique and authentic photograph that have that timeless quality and softness that can only be achieved on analog. There are also some technical situation that the film photography gives better result, for example a very bright sunny day. However, adding digital photos we will make sure that all moments were captured and of course give you a bigger selection of photos.

Each wedding is special

Please get in touch to check my availability and discuss the perfect package for your day. Packages include film and digital photography, all edited photos, a private online gallery to share your photos with family and friends, and printed products.

Do you have a question? Please email me or find an answer: FAQ

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“Pattie, your photography skills are incredible. We are so fortunate to have you as our photographer. Thank you so much for capturing all the beautiful moments, the ambiance, and the emotions of our guests. I look at these photographs and I am speechless. Our family and friends all love what you have done and how professional you were. Thomas and I are so lucky to have found you!” Dani, 2018



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