About your photographs

If I had to describe my style in three words, I’d say: natural, artistic and with an individual approach.

I love to capture the moment, to make my photos look relaxed and spontaneous. I avoid fake posing, and instead use actions and directions, to make sure people on my photos are looking good and natural. I want my subjects to feel comfortable and be ‘themselves’. This helps me to capture the emotions, the relations between people and interaction. This helps to capture the people as they’re really are.


As an artist, I like when my photographs are meaningful. Each photo has a story to tell, each photo has a carefully research concept behind. I often look for inspirations in classic paintings, sculptures, literature and other artworks. I believe photography is ‘painting with light’. I take the most of natural light or add extra lights to create stunning effects. A colour wheel is one of my favourite photography tools. I’m using colours to create harmony, mood, and to expose a subject in a right way. I want my photographs to tell a timeless story and look classic, like a painting.


Through my photographs I intend to show the ‘real’ you and your story. I believe looking at a portrait you can tell their whole life and capture the eternity. Each of my photos is unique. Each of my sessions is carefully planned and tailored to my clients, to show their individuality. I love creative challenges and I’m open to discuss ideas before a session.

Professional photographs

I use my artistic and technical skills and professional equipment to create high quality, fine art photographs. Photographs that would make a beautiful photo album or a stunning display on the wall. I’m up to date with new techniques and follow trends to create stylish products. As a final product, my clients usually are given their photographs as artistic prints and in a digital version. However, I like when my photos are displayed at their best, so I will assist you in the printing process to ensure the best results.

Wedding photographs

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Southern France or other destinations, please visit my wedding photography section.

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