Photographs that feel like you

Every wedding is unique, and my goal is to create photos that truly reflect you. I’m involved in the planning process to listen to your ideas so I can give you luxurious experience as well as beautiful photos.


My style is romantic, authentic, and timeless. I document reality without any staging or interrupting the day, allowing you to be yourself, but at the same time making sure each photo is beautiful aesthetically and sometimes giving you a gentle guidance.


Inspired by classic aesthetics and contemporary trends, reflecting the true colours and light conditions, I deliver images you’ll always be proud of, preserving memories that stand the test of time. Photographs that will bring your day back to life any time you look at them.

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Romantic stroll in a Provençal garden 

Romantic stroll in a Provençal garden 

Nestled at the top of the hill, in the heart of the gentleness of Provence, where elegance and natural charm intertwine, is the perfect setting for our editorial shoot. It is here, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves typical of the region, that the 5-star hotel...

A Picture-Perfect Proposal on the French Riviera

A Picture-Perfect Proposal on the French Riviera

Planning the perfect proposal When Ryan from New York reached out to me with a plan to propose to his girlfriend Kyla, I knew we had to make it something truly unforgettable. Ryan wanted the moment to be perfect, and after brainstorming together, we decided on the...