Why do we want you to be our wedding photographer?

Because working for over 15 years in the creative industry, I developed a refined sense of aesthetics, understanding of lighting, excellent story telling skills and a unique style. I have a great eye for detail and sensitivity to people’s emotion, capturing the moments you will cherish forever. My photographs are natural, full of fun, emotions and memories, and I provide the top service.

What’s your approach to weddings how would you describe your style in three words?

My approach is editorial – a mix of photo journalism and fine art. I capture natural images as the story unfolds, but at the same time ensuring they’re aesthetically beautiful and meaningful. People, emotions and relations are my main focus. My style is natural, emotional and timeless. Authentic – reflecting the reality. I don’t enforce any fake posing – allowing youto be yourself. Emotional – because I capture emotions, both happy and sentimental, and and all the nostalgic details that evoke sentiments. Each of my photos tells an individual story. Timeless – following the classic aesthetics, you will receive photos as art works that will always look beautiful, no matter how the fashion evolves. Photographs that will always bring the story back. Lighting is very important for me, and I take the most of it to create painterly photographs.

What is your background and experience?

My adventure with photography started from childhood, playing with my dad’s cameras. Then, going through the journey of studying Media Production and Fine Art, working as a video producer and director, teaching photography at a university, producing various new media artworks and exhibitions, and even being on the other side of the camera, I found people and photography are my biggest inspirations. I started my photography business in 2014, and found myself especially taken by all the emotions and beauty of weddings.

What to expect from you on the wedding day?

I’m always prepared and well organised, discuss everything with you or your wedding planner beforehand. All my activities are performed in an unobtrusive way, and with sensitivity to all the guests. I can also provide some help (ask me if you need to tie a nice bow or advice on the timing). With my fun and professional manner, I create a relaxed atmosphere before and on the wedding day, and the top quality service.

What equipment do you use?

I use two professional Canon cameras that allow very large prints. They’re paired with industry top lenses. I use mainly natural light but also flash light when needed. I also offer medium format film photography. There are some situation that technically can be caotured only on film. Also, film photography gives you the real sense of authenticity and fine art.

What will we get with our package?

You will get my full dedication, expertise and creativity on the day, following the wedding consultations. Soon after the wedding you will receive a few sneak peek photos. Few weeks after your wedding, your online gallery will be ready, you can download all the edited photos in high resolution, a slideshow, and a voucher to claim your free prints.

Can we modify the packages?

Yes of course! The packages are based on average requirements But please get in touch if you have any specific preferences or ideas, I know each wedding is unique!

How far can you travel?

The sky is my limit! As a destination photographer, I can travel anywhere you’d like. The travel and accommodation costs will be discussed and added to your bill before the booking, if needed. No extra travel costs within 300km from Toulouse.

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Are there any other costs we will need to cover?

Apart from the potential travel and postage costs that might apply and would be discussed, there are no other costs. Although I would appreciate some hot drinks and a warm meal if I stay for the reception.

Do you offer other photo sessions?

Yes, I also offer engagement sessions, boudoir photo shoots, glam the dress sessions and family sessions before or after the wedding day, and rehearsal dinners. They can be added to your package at any time of the booking. They’re always great fun and a nice memory.

Can we order albums or other printed products?

Yes of course! You will receive a link to my print boutique together with the link to your photo gallery, where you can browse through a selection of beautiful, created photo albums and other printed products. I use the best quality printing labs which are available only to professional photographers, and I’m colour calibrated with them for perfect results. Please consult me if you would like to see any sample prints or albums, I’ll bring them to our meeting.

How do you edit your photos?

I do a gentle edit on all the selected wedding photos. It usually includes cropping and removing destructive details and subtle colour grading. My photo editing style is classic, inspired by a timeless film-like look, delivered both in colour and b&w. I like my photos to be close to the reality.

Do you have a second shooter or an assistant?

Normally I work by myself and it’s usually sufficient to cover the key event and the majority of the day. In the busy season I’m likely to bring an assistant or a student with me. Should you need a second shooter, I can hire one for the day, fees depending on the time and their experience.

I don’t feel comfortable having my photos taken...

I understand it’s not easy to be in the spotlight. I’ll make sure you will feel at ease and look good. I know how to capture ‘the best looking’ moments and notice the flattering angles. In the portrait sessions, I give you action and gentle prompts, keeping it fun and simple, to capture you looking natural and relaxed. I use my experience in film directing and working with actors to guide my clients and to photograph them at their best. I always get very positive feedback from the ones I photograph.

Why do you love weddings?

Weddings are my favourite to photograph, they always give me goose bumps. I love capturing all the fun and emotions, photographing people who traveled so far to be there for you. For me, a wedding is a big celebration of love. The photos will bring back these beautiful memories, no matter if you look at them soon after the wedding or in dozens years. Personally, I love looking at our wedding albums, seeing how much fun we had, how much the people has changed past 10 years, some of our guests we haven’t seen since, some sadly have gone. I’m so grateful I can be there for you and give you this wonderful gift memories.