Travel and art inspired wedding with ethnic trends at Chateau de Saint Martory

Our bride loves to travel. She is inspired by other cultures and loves to learn their art. Her bohemian, sustainable wedding is influenced by ethnic fashion, folk traditions and fine art.

This inspirational wedding is set up at Chateau de Saint Martory. This stunning renaissance castle has a very welcoming atmosphere and a long history. Beautifully restored and furnished with a great attention to details, it has a great sense of traditions but with a modern feel. The chateau welcomes visitors and weddings from all over the world. So, it made a perfect venue for our set up.

We were especially astonished by a cathedral room at the top of the chateau tower. A spacious room with high ceiling and wooden beams is restored from the original construction. With its contemporary design furniture, it makes a unique place for important guests. We love the traditional yet modern style of the room.

In contrast, some other rooms of the chateau remain more traditional elements. We especially loved the downstairs dining room. With small windows and dimmed yet beautiful light, the room was perfect for the table set up. We were inspired by the still life paintings hanging on the walls, and created similar style photographs. It was fascinating to see how the room decorated with the golden age became a background for similar works.

Sarah Menager, a talented florist, beautifully arranged the table, using early spring flowers and fruit. The floral included poppies, oxypetalum and rosemary. The dark room brighten up with trendy coral and orange colours. We also used bohemian crystal glasses and traditional dinner set, beautifully catching the light and sparkling mysteriously.

Maria Arvidsson provided two large semi-naked cakes, decorated with fresh flowers. We especially loved the less conventional square cake. And it was delicious too.

As for the wedding favours, we presented Maria’s homemade chili jam. A small jar of jam not only made a pretty looking and practical gift, it also turned up to be very tasty.

The table set up included beautifully hand made and hand written wedding stationary. Painted by Anna Ramsay flowers matched the fresh floral we used.

Our beautiful bride is a Canadian born travel blogger – influencer, and a plus size model.

We found it difficult to find a wedding dress that would fit her larger size. We felt rather disappointed how difficult it must be to find a dream dress for plus size brides. Fortunately, a Ukrainian designer agreed to make anembroidered wedding dress for us. 

A stunning, hand embroidered wedding dress with tassels had a true bohemian vibe. We were admiring its craft and attention to details. We love ethnic fashion trends, and especially when the outfits come from the original source.

To add to the bridal look, Sarah Menager designed an Ukraine inspired floral crown. In Ukraine, they’re called ‘Vinok’. Traditionally, an Ukrainian Vinok is associated with virginity, purity and womanhood, and is still commonly worn at weddings. We love seeing this beautiful tradition influencing current fashion and wedding trends.

For our headdress, Sara used coral poppies, oxypetalum and rosemary for a cheerful but subtle colour palette. Instead of the traditional bouquet, the bride was holding a flower basket.

The floral headdress looked stunning, especially once completed with loose curls. A talented hairdresser, Annette Carr, carefully styled the hair and fixed the crown.

Our make up artist, Deb Stewart, suggested a subtle, spring make up in coral – matching the flowers and highlighting the bride’s green eyes. She applied a more prominent rose blush on her cheeks, following not only the Ukrainian traditions, but also the most recent make up trends. Coral colour nails looked sweet and was well coordinated with the bouquet.

The bridal look was completed with bohemian style jewellery. The beautifully hand made by Veronique Dunand bracelets, coral necklace and earrings resembled the traditional Ukrainian jewellery. 

Another significant jewellery piece was a mala necklace and bracelet set, which is a favourite jewellery of travelers. Made by a local artist, Dani Hunter. With its special Love stone to open ones heart, we thought it would be perfect for our bride.

As for the wedding rings, we choose a stunning aurora diamond ring from Bijouterie Mohedano. Reaching back to traditions, we picked a rose gold ring for a romantic and free spirited bride.

The inspirational wedding set up was captured on photographs and a video. We intended to use a natural but painterly look.

We love our bohemian bride, inspired by ethnic trends and art. 


Pattie Fellowes


Chateau de Saint Martory, France


Tegan Wylie


Sarah Menager


Annette Carr

Make up:

Deb Stewart



Wedding jewellery:



Veronique Dunand

Jewellery 2:

Dani Hunter


Anna Ramsay

Cake and wedding favors:

Marie Arvidsson

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