Sustainable wedding: A romantic elopement at a sentimental chapel followed by boho picnic by the rocks

Ambre and Romain, to celebrate their love, decided on a simple but romantic elopement wedding at Chateau de Queille in France.

The 18th century Chateau is a tranquil and secluded place, surrounded by forests, meadows and a river. Perched on rocks, it overlooks the breathtaking views. The chateau itself is beautifully restored to maintain its history, but looking fresh and welcoming. Its wildness, charm and serenity makes it a unique wedding venue.


The bride is wearing the SKYE dress from Marielle Maury. This soft and romantic gown is made of organic silk crepe and silk embroidered with organic cotton for the bodice. The tight cut of the bodice and the fullness of the skirt gives a slender silhouette. The knotted organza top with its ample sleeves plays with transparency and softness.


As a fashion designer, Marielle, is very much concerned about the impact of her activity on nature and human beings. Her collections are made of natural and organic fabrics, the cuts are carefully planned to generate as little scrap as possible, and everything is used or re-used, and finally recycled.

Ambre wears artisan jewellery from Distinctly Caitlin Designs. Caitlin, the designer, uses flowers and their traditional meanings as inspiration for her affirmation tokens. Her pieces are designed to inspire women to keep looking for the good in their lives and to help them form life long habits of positivity. Caitlin uses traditional goldsmith hand tools and methods. She also uses a traditional enamel technique called Plique-à-jour. This technique creates a stained glass-like effect.

The Daisy earrings symbolize Happiness and Protection while the Alpine primrose pendant represents Courage and Kindness. All traits you would want to instill into a marriage.


Annette Carr, a bridal hairstylist, suggested a romantic boho updo for the bride’s beautiful long red hair. Loosely twisted sections were gently lifted through the back and carried up into a Dutch braid and carefully secured to balance the look. For a beautiful contrast, delicate pieces of foliage and pink gypsophila were nestled throughout the style. The bridal look is completed with soft and natural make up by Sarah Rees.

The couple first meet outside the chateau, on their way to the private chapel. The first look evokes lots of joy and excitement in both of them. Ambre playfully shows how her dress flows.


The couple exchange the vows from their hearts at the 11th century romanesque chapel. This modest but charming place with rough walls and small windows makes a romantic and intimate place for a wedding. It looks especially magical and warm while illuminated with candles. With their touching speeches, the couple’s private moment became very emotional and spiritual.



Ambre and Romain exchange their rings, provided by a local artisan jeweller, Mohedano. A femine white gold ring with a floral motive and small diamonds sits perfectly next to Ambre’s statement green emerald engagement ring. Romain’s matt polished white gold ring has a classic, vintage look.

Following the ceremony, the couple goes back to their room. Ambre changes into a more casual dress, also from Marielle Maury.

The HERA dress is a goddess dress. Looking like liquid gold, the dress is made of 100% linen. Natural and ecological as well as very refined. A halter neckline and beautiful straps at the back together with its very ample skirt achieve a unique look.

To celebrate their special day, a chateau wedding planner, Sandra Dodds, prepared a romantic picnic for the couple. Set right by the rocks and in bohemian style, it creates the scene for an intimate moment for the couple. Sandra focused on creating a relaxing and comfortable area for them on the grass banks under the impressive rocks below the château. Vintage style rugs, leather poufs, soft downy sheepskins, lots of cushions, strings of warm festoon lighting, amber and green glass bottles, wicker weave demijohns and lanterns… all working together beautifully to create a peaceful and romantic cocoon. For the table, Sandra chose a linen tablecloth, vintage white crockery with green detail, vintage glasses and a cut-glass carafe. The table set up was completed with soft and simple stationery with a floral motif.



The floral style Sarah Menager chose for the wedding is inspired by the stunning gardens of Chateau de Queille and its wild nature – a mixture of madness and joyful beauty. The tones and textures of the flowers reveal the softness, the passion and the character of the young couple in love. Dahlias bring bounty while garden roses bring refinement. The foliage reveals the abundance, the carelessness. Sarah like to play with soft and subtle contrasts to create a unique style.

After the dinner, the couple is served their wedding cake, made by Marie Arvidsson. Marie’s mum was a fantastic baker and Marie, who lives in France, follows her footsteps. Marie loves making wedding cakes with simple decorations such as fresh fruit or flowers, and lets the cake itself do the talking. Here is a light lemon sponge with layers of fresh raspberry coulis and lemon curd with meringue crumbs. The square cake gives a different dimension and provides an interesting alternative to the classic round style. Decorated by seasonal lavender for an sublime sensation.

Following the picnic, Ambre and Romain go for a walk around the stunning chateau gardens and by the river. A spacious, open field of hay bales urged them to dance, enjoying the moment.


Can a wedding be sustainable?

Very often weddings are associated with ‘big expenses and waste’.
However, you can help the environment by making your wedding more sustainable.

Here are some achievable ideas:

💚 Consider local venues to reduce the travel impact. If it’s not possible because all your family and friends are spread out, consider making your a wedding a longer holiday opportunity.

💚 Find local suppliers. There’s so many talented wedding suppliers everywhere. Ask your venue or wedding planners for recommendations.

💚 Use decor that can be reused. Antique or vintage items will never go out of fashion and they look beautiful.

💚 Make sure your florist uses local, seasonal flowers. Each season is wonderful and seasonal treasure will make a great statement on your wedding.

💚 Check if your florist uses plastic free or foam free flower support. There are a few very good ways to arrange and hold flowers that are sustainable.

💚 Choose natural fabric for your dress or even find a family vintage dress.

💚 Use artisan jeweller rather than mass produced jewellery.

💚 Ask you cater and cake maker to use fair trade or organic ingredients.

💚 Don’t use plastic tableware, cocktail sticks or straws.

💚 Order locally sourced biodynamic/organic wine. It also reduces the risk of hangovers (fewer to no added sulphites)

💚 Make sure your hair and make up artists use fair trade cosmetics.

💚 Limit the stationery.

💚 Provide organic confetti (for example floral petals or foliage)

💚 Supply organic wedding favours (for example something eatible or practical) or don’t give wedding favours at all.


Château de Queille

Wedding planner

Rubijoy Wedding Planner


Katy Fendall


Sarah Menager

Make up artist

Sarah Rees


Annette Carr


Marielle Maury


Caitlin Harper

Wedding jewellery



Cléo Lebrun – Atelier d’art


Marie Arvidsson


Nathalie Isabelle Mercy

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