Soft boho romantic wedding at Chateau de Camon

Our team of wedding professionals, based in South-West France, intended to style a cozy, bohemian inspirational wedding editorial at a French chateau.


Situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees, L’Abbaye-Château de Camon is an ancient Benedictine monastery dating back to the tenth century. Entering Chateau de Camon you will feel as if you had time-traveled. The venue offers a truly sublime and mesmerising experience. Beautifully renovated maintaining its impressive stone staircases, column courtyards and picturesque gardens, it became a dreamed wedding venue. We were inspired by the mystical yet welcoming atmosphere of the chateau, perfect for a romantic wedding with a bohemian twist.


The florist, Sarah Menager says: “In this photo shoot, I wanted to experiment with a complex and unusual colour palette and textures. The mystical atmosphere of the chateau, and the unique personalities of the brides inspired me.”


“It was not easy to combine the colours including: old mauve, antique rose, soft pink, pale orange, and a touch of blue. Roses, berries, shaded eucalyptus looked fabulous supplemented with delicate flowers. I loved this little challenge I gave myself, and I was delighted with the results. All these colors brought sweetness and poetry to the whole look, and looked beautifully in the stunning, painterly photos by Pattie Fellowes.”

Sarah is not only a talented floral artist. She also uses natural materials exclusively, respecting the environment.


A local baker, Marie Arvidsson, provided us with a selection of incredible cakes. They followed Sarah’s decor ideas and the colour palette. Marie, whose Swedish mother was an amazing baker, loves experimenting with recipes and cake decor. On our desert table we placed a selection of six beautifully decorated cakes.

The first – the largest cake – is a lemon sponge decorated with clementine curd and carmalised citrus. It’s a perfect winter cake with a hint of summer nostalgia.

The second cake is a vanilla sponge with hiding juicy blueberries, covered with light blue icing and winter thistle.

The third one is a rustic wedding white with swirly Swiss meringue butter Icing, and understated floral.

The mocha coloured cake in a simple style highlights stunning antique rose decor. It is a coffee flavoured sponge with chocolate layers.

Finally we have a traditional two-tiered white fondant cake with sparkly ribbons.

Table decor

For the table set up, we used beautiful repurposed antique French linen, hand dyed in blue and gray shades. The floral and candles decor was complemented by hand made table stationery, inspired by the medieval style of the Abbey. The desert table set up included hand made ceramic bowls, provided by a local artist.

The brides


Celestine is a romantic and classic style bride who loves playing with her style. A bridal stylist, Emilie from Les Rubans de Leopoldine boutique, choose a classic gown with a long train from Lunanovias. The statement element of the dress is an open back with crossover straps and delicate embroidery, adding a playful twist to the elegant look.

The make up artist, Raphaelle Marco, says she “wanted for Celestine’s natural beauty to speak for itself. The subtle and natural colour make up revealed the sweetness of her personality”.

Annette Carr, the hair stylist, highlighted Celestine’s romantic personality by dropping down her long, voluminous, curly hair. “Twisted into a wrapped around ponytail, they finished the whole look.”

A hair accessory designer, Rachel Suhubiette, provided us with stunning handmade hairpieces, inspired by antique classicism. “These floral jewellery with a modern twist, is perfect for romantic brides with firm personality.” A porcelain head crown suited Celestine perfectly. We added a little bit of foliage and pale berries to the hairstyle, for a more playful and unique look. The head crown looked beautifully together with earrings from Rachel.

Caitlin Harper, an artisan jewellery maker inspired by wild flowers and foliage, gave us unique jewellery pieces for our brides.

For Celestine, we chose the yellow earrings inspired by buttercup flowers. “We love their unique colour and classic elegant style. They add a real pop of colour that was complemented with the yellow berries in the bridal bouquet.”

The large cocktail ring, set with a beautiful tumbled chalcedony and a small faceted citrine, was inspired by the buttercup flower. Caitlin choose it because it “adds a contemporary feel to this very contemporary wedding”.

For wedding rings, we choose a ‘friendship’ stacking ring from Caitlin, with blue sapphire and floral motif. It makes a sentimental statement and modern feel to the wedding.

Diane is a free spirited bride who likes to manifest her personality.

For Diane, Emilie choose a guipure sheath gown with long sleeves and deep neckline, from Adelaide. This creation highlights Diane’s delicate and luscious curves while revealing some of her tattoos to show her creative personality.

Adelaide, the dress designer, says she has a special affection for guipures: ‘they give the dress volume and allow it to flirt with transparency, while exuding a certain modernity’.

The bridal hairstylist, Annette, created another individual and beautiful hair style.
“Diane’s long, soft, bohemian waves and gentle twists, were held in place by a delicate, handmade comb from Rachel Suhubiette.”

A subtle, natural make up was applied by Diane herself.

Caitlin complemented the look with a pink sterling silver earring and pendant set. It features pink tourmaline beads and was inspired by the cuckoo flower, which itself has many romantic connotations. The colour goes perfectly with the bouquets and the subtle floral design adds a feminine look to the beautiful bride.

To add a playful accent to the bohemian look, we added a vintage hat decorated with flowers and mustard yellow boots. We think they really suited the bride and added an extra sparkle in her eyes.

We love how the historical Chateau de Camon, this days, can witness such beautiful moments such weddings, and makes and sublime and romantic wedding venue to any couple.


Pattie Fellowes Photography



Chateau de Camon


Dress (Diane) 



Stylist and dress boutique 

Les Rubans de Leopoldine



Diane Martin make up



Diane Martin make up


Dress (Celestine): 




Celestine Vande



Raphaelle Marco



Annette Carr



Sarah Menager



Maison Marie



Distinctly Caitlin Designs


Hair accessories: 

Rachel Suhubiette



Promesse Graphique


Ceramic : 

Pied à terre

Table linen : 

Esprit de Lin



Nathalie Isabelle Mercy


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