S&I Glamping wedding at Domaine la Douce

If you love bohemian style weddings, with beautiful outdoors and a stunning outdoor kitchen and dining area, you will love charming Domaine la Douce. The venue is like a hidden gem just on the outskirts of Auch.

On the vast grounds of the Domaine, there are two lakes surrounded by a beautiful forests and meadow. A dreamed place for a wedding ceremony and reception. The view, especially during the golden hour, is simply breathtaking.

The wedding guests can stay at the camp site (or a ‘glamping’ site) at the domaine grands. Practical and cosy camping houses make a comfortable accommodation for the wedding guests and the newlywed.

Chrissy and Reuben are very welcoming owners of the Domaine la Douce. They helped a Dutch couple, Inge and Stefan, to plan in every detail their dreamed wedding day.

The bride, Inge, is getting ready in one of the domaine bedrooms. Beautifully decorated with boho style floral wallpaper and rattan elements. The room creates a private, emotional space for the bride and her mum.

Before the ceremony, the guests are treated to a quick lunch in a French style. Creperie Marianne, in a lovely vintage van, offered a variety of sweet or savoury crepes to everyone.

The wedding ceremony takes place bu the lake bank, surrounded by beautiful trees, and with a breathtaking view in the background.

After the ceremony, the guests gather for an aperitif by a swimming pool. The lazur blue water of the pool, wooden terrace and tropical plants around turn it into a wonderful, exotic corner.

Before the dinner, another van arrives. This time it’s wine testing van, provided by La Caisse a Vin. Stephie and Mathieu give a little lecture about each wine before they open a bottle.

The dinner is served at a charming sheltered terrace. Amy Tymon, a talented local florist, made magic with flowers and decorated the table beautifully. Seasonal white flowers and foliage look stunning against the warm colour wood furniture and green walls of the room. We also loved the fragrance of the flowers Amy used, which stayed noticeable until the morning.

To finish of their wonderful wedding day, we asked Inge and Stefan to come for a little photo walk during the golden hour. The soft light around the lake and the meadow was mesmerising. The magical photo shoot will make a forever memory for the couple.

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