Secret Garden Wedding Editorial

“I am sure there is Magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us”

Frances Hodgson Burnett , The Secret Garden

Did you have a favourite place to escape to when you were a child? Somewhere that makes you feel truly happy and carefree? Somehow the romance of secret places never leaves…

Our ‘Secret Garden’ is a charming place where we can giggle, play and dance. Surrounded by wonderful flowers, beautiful colours and birds singing. An enchanted garden, perfect for a dreamy and fun wedding in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.

Chateau Plombis is like a secret garden itself. Located in a very peaceful location in South West France, in the Quercy region, the chateau offers 23 hectares of garden, woodland and grass meadow. All surrounded by fields and forests, and with an incredible sunset view over a local village. Its garden, around the swimming pool, is filled with fragrant and colourful flowers. A perfect private place for all the guests to roam free and undisturbed, with exclusive use of the grounds, swimming pool and the building.

For the table and floral decor, Victoria wanted to create a magical fairy feel in line with the secret garden theme, adding a dreamy hint of Alice in Wonderland. She decided to use a mix of vintage and natural tones as well as pops of colour to create a beautiful contrast. The green moss and foliage were a dominant part of the decor. Victoria used preserved plants for long lasting, ecological and biodegradable decor that stays looking beautiful and fresh.

Floral and plant preservation is a technique which allows the plant to maintain its original appearance for an extended time and is 100% natural and ecological. Plants are selected in their best condition, and then covered by a liquid glycerine-based mixture, water, and dyes. They require no watering, no special treatment or lighting. Thanks to the natural preserving technique, preserved plants and flowers retain their flexibility and their natural freshness without any maintenance, perfect for a keepsake bouquet or long lasting and reusable wedding decor.

The brides are wearing beautiful and poetic dresses from French designer, Audacious Adelaide. Her dreamy and summery creations are made for modern, creative brides who enjoy every moment and are not afraid to speak their own voice. Fairy tale inspirations, flowing fabrics, lace and sparkles tend to dominate in the latest line that shows a great range for various personalities and shapes.

For the shoot, we choose three unique styles. A loose design dress for Ambre that would follow her graceful dance and movement. This loose-fitting cut is perfect for small size brides who like to move comfortably.

Layla wears a sparkly sequin dress that makes her shine and stand out even more. Its oversized collar and lace cut-ins make for interesting and original features.

Pattie opted for a figure-hugging mermaid style skirt and a crop top for her tall, hourglass figure. A traditional dress with a modern twist and comfort, completed with a great attention to the details such as silk buttons and soft ruffle sleeves.

We thought there’s no better way to showcase the style and flow of these unique, long dresses than placing our models on an aerial hoop.

Willing to add another layer of magic, we completed the bridal looks with handmade, sentimental jewellery.

Distinctly Caitlin Designs takes the secret meanings of flowers and turns them into handmade affirmation jewellery. As Caitlin believes, each and every flower has its own secret meaning. They are made up of centuries of associations, medicinal properties and legends. We chose the Marsh Marigold for Grounding, the Spring Gentian for Self-belief and the Daisy for Happiness. These symbolisms and the art nouveau style of the pieces made them the perfect addition for our beautiful fairy brides.

Lila in the Sky usually makes bohemian jewellery, inspired by Chinese medicine and stone healing properties. She wanted to bring an aristocratic vibe to boho by working with pearls, faceted and polished gemstones. They evoked her memory of reading “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett and other British classics. All the gemstones used promote self-worth, wealth and wholeness.

Annette Carr planned three unique hairstyles for our long hair bride-fairies. To show off the detail of the French and side swept fishtail braids, Annette smoothed and straightened Pattie’s hair. Soft face framing pieces were left down whilst adding small, delicate white flowers plus interesting soft foliage gave an instant bridal feel.

For Ambre’s look, volume and texture were created using root texture powder and a little root back combining. After waving her Amika Caméléon wand, Annette secured the crown area with a tiny fishtail braid and decorated it with lilac flowers and sprigs of fresh thyme.

Big natural waves were made using a larger barrel on the Amika wand. A small amount of Layla’s hair was pinned back and secured at the crown. Beautiful Lilies of the Valley were fixed in place adding a wonderful colour contrast and magical perfume. A great, modern and simple look for any bride or bridesmaid.

The brides wear subtle make up that highlights their natural beauty. Soft peaches and warm roses to match their skin tones and reflect the warm sunny days.

This creative styled shoot was a wonderful experience for us. We believe that such a serene and magical vibe would suit a relaxed wedding with a unique style.

Pattie Fellowes

Chateau Plombis

Katy Fendall

Wedding Planner:
The Impeccable Pear

The Impeccable Pear Floral Design

Audacieuse Adelaide

Annette Carr

Make up:
Make up with Mathilde

The Lyra Stories

Lila in the Sky

Distinctly Caitlin Designs:

Cheese tower:


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Moo Moo Bijou

Layla Saliba

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