Nothing is impossible

In this aerial dance photography project, we intended to make some women’s dream to come true, celebrate their beauty and build the confidence.

Mari – Louise, an inspirational and successful dancer and dance teacher, helps other women to make their dreams to come true. So many of us dreamed to be dancers. But then we were caught in other activities, dreams or duties of the life, we could never make it to a professional stage. “Nothing is Impossible”, Mari – Louise often says, teaching adult women to dance and perform.

Mari-Louise teaches, motivates and inspires girls all fitness levels – from complete newbies to ballet dancers and pilates teachers. Hers students are any age – no matter if you’re a child or middle age – you can dance.

We photographed aerial dance students looking like beautiful performers. The women are of all ages, shapes, fitness level, experiences and confidence level. For some of them it was a first time aerial dancing, some were more professional.

In the project, we used the traditional aerial dance set up (hoop, silks or hammock). We used black backdrop and customised light set up, and a minimum a retouch for glamorous yet natural effects.

We were overwhelmed by the positive responces to the projects.

I think this kind of projects are very important for women’s confidence building. We often see images of beautiful women and performers in the media. This projects shows them that they can look equally glamurous. It is often the power of photography, that makes women to feel beautiful, confident and motivated.

We believe images of women fulfilling their dreams, building confidence and celebrating their body are empowering them. As one of the girls described: ‘the power of making women look and feel beautiful’.



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