My quarantine diary

A full time artist/photographer mum pictures her every day emotions during the covid-19 quarantine in SW France. Updated daily.

Day 1

Since I’m no longer allowed to go out and photograph people, I was encouraged by some lovely friends to take on a self portraiture diary.

I was feeling a bit down past few days. The really hit us all out of sudden here in France. We’re now in a complete lockdown. Last week it all seemed so surreal – we’re worried about our little businesses, holiday plans and making jokes about home schooling – now we’re worried about our friends and family health. 

Anyway, I’m working hard to stay positive. It usually comes very easily as I’m a crazy optimist, but maybe I need a bit more time this time…

‘Head up’, they say

I’ll make the most of the next month at home and make it fun for the kids, I promise.

Stay safe everyone

Day 2 

France is completely locked down from today – time to get creative!

There was no warning the shops would be closed so we couldn’t stock up on craft materials for the children. Amazing how much resources you can find at your home already! 

Today we’re making cute vases and bookmarks. Decorating old jars with scrap paper and pressed flowers from the garden, and finishing with glossy paint.

Time to find the inner child in ourselves!

Day 3

Spring is here!

Today the sun came out and I noticed our hedge has got some blossom. The little joy of spring we can see while in quarantine💚

Isn’t it funny how we see how much we long for something only when we can’t get to it?

Day 4 

Today I dusted off my sewing machine. 

When I was a child I loved watching my grandma sewing.

We’re mending our old clothes – today it’s all about saving lives.

We’re making safety masks for when we need to go out – they’ve run out of them at shops already.

Sometimes making something usual can be so entertaining and relaxing.

Day 5

My mission for today – food shopping

And here’s a little advice: please stop panic buying. There will be enough food and toilet paper for everyone. Just buy what you need and leave some for other people.

If you don’t need to go to a shop, stay at home. 

Don’t go to a supermarket for fun, only because it’s the only place you’re allowed to go.

Stay at home unless you really need to go and get your essentials. Food shopping is not fun at the moment.

Day 6


I can’t wait to see everything growing and blooming after the winter time.

This year I had no excuse to sort out my vegetable garden. 

And it turned up gardening is a great fun for the children too – nearly like playing on a beach.

I bet everyone’s gardens are going to look amazing this year

Day 7

“Mummy – what would you like for your Mother’s Day?”

“I just want a nice cuddle”

A week ago, when Macron announced the school closure, I was scared. I couldn’t imagine a month of not working and home schooling my young children.

Now I’m loving this precious time with the little ones. 

We have so much fun together. There’s no stress, no pressure to get up in the morning, no rush to make all the after school clubs and appointments, no tiredness.

I’m really enjoying being a mum again. I don’t think I had such a connection with the children since I finished my maternity leave. 

Life is much calmer now in some aspects.

Day 8


We’re meant to be sunbathing on Bali now🌴

A dreamed holiday we’ve been planning for ages…

Now the closest to holidays is my own bathroom.

I think we all know our priorities now.

Bali and other holidays destinations will always be there.

What is your way to relax at home?

Day 9

I’m so blessed to be able to stay at home with someone I love💕

It makes me feel safer, much more secure right now.

Maybe some of you are together with your partners, families, friends or just alone.

I think collaboration is so important now. 

Collaborate well together at home: who’s working when, who’s looking after children, who’s cooking and who’s dishwashing…

Let’s collaborate as a society – we’re all working on one big project together.

They call it ‘social isolation’ but I think the global society has never been so close together.

Day 10

Today we’re baking.

Baking has always been a self comforting thing for me.

When I was a child, I loved watching my grandmas baking. The smells, the flavours, the magic of mixing ingredients together, and watching how the pastry grows in the oven. 

And then sharing the lovely cake with others – bringing lots of joy to a table.

I think baking is a gift of making other people happy.

Day 11

Today I was feeling a little bit tired.

I’m going through lots of ups and downs recently.

Spending more time with the children is lovely, but it can feel overwhelming at the same time. 

We can’t even take the advantage of all the exciting online courses and movies, as working from home and homeschooling leaves very little time for ourselves.

I’m trying to avoid all the news but I can’t hide from the reality.

Tomorrow is going to be a sunny day, I will wake up with more positive energy, I promise.

Day 13

‘If you give up something, you’ll get something in return’ – they say.

I definitely found a new fitness partner.

Day 14

I think the best way to bring music into your house is to encourage your children to play an instrument.

Day 15

We’re starting the week with lots of fresh energy.

Our ‘home schooling’ is in full swing.

Very often, instead of strictly following the pre-schoolers curriculum, we try to find other fun and educational activities. 

Today we travel the world reading an atlas. 

We look at other countries, write their names, draw or write what you can see if you visit them.

Maybe we can’t go out, but we have lots of other ways to see the world.

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