Fine art portraits

Fine art photography

Fine art portraiture, for me, is about capturing the essence. It is about finding a deeper meaning of the subject I photograph. I love creating portraits that tell the story of a person and last forever – capturing the infinity.

You can reflect one’s soul in a photograph

I do my research and get to known my subject first. Then I try to reflect their soul in my photographs. Whether it’s a bride on her wedding, a child or a person in my studio, I believe in a deep meaning of a photograph.

Photographing emotions

Showing emotions is crucial in my fine art photography. I focus on natural photography, capturing people as they are. I avoid ‘posing’ although I give guidance to help my subjects to feel comfortable and express themselves.

Lighting for fine art photography

Lighting is extremely important in my fine art photography. Whether it’s a natural light or a studio set up, I use it to highlight the mood and express emotions. I’m often inspired by Rembrandt lighting in paintings and film noir lighting.

Creating a fine art portrait

Other elements of portraits, such as a location, props, flowers, outfits and colours are very important too. I plan my portraits in advance, creating a balanced composition.



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