Couples Photography

Couples photos

If you’d like to document your engagement, celebrate your love, or maybe you’re visiting Toulouse as a couple, I can help you to capture this beautiful moment. In my couples photography I focus on natural looking portraits and ‘unposed’ looks, helping you to be yourselves and looking good at the same time. I use here my experience in working on film production and directing real actors to help you to relax and ‘act’ naturally. Yes I know how difficult it is to have your photo taken if you’re an adult!

Toulouse, nature or studio photography

I help you to find the perfect place for you, somewhere significant for both of you and beautiful.

Ask for a Couple photo at you regular family session

Why not? If you’re a family, when was the last time you and your spouse had your photo taken? Have your go too – it’s not just about the children:)



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