Dani and Thomas’ wedding ceremony at the Mairie de Toulouse

Dani and Thomas’ wedding at the Capitale de Toulouse

A beautiful girl from Australia goes to travel the word. And she meets him, a French man, in one of the most romantic countries. They fall in love.

And here they are: Dani and Thomas, at their wonderful wedding ceremony. And its only the beginning. Not only the beginning of their new journey together, but also the first of their wedding ceremonies. To be continued with two more wedding celebrations, in Australia and France. What an exciting and fun year for them!

The first formal ceremony took place on 10th February 2018 at the town hall of Toulouse (Mairie de Toulouse), in the Capitale de Toulouse. It was a very cosy ceremony,  for the local friends and French side of the family. We witnessed lots of joy, laughter, love, and tears of happiness.

The bride wore a beautiful, traditional Vietnamese wedding gown, in an honour to her family of Vietnamese origin. We were all admiring its craft, and a unique hat. We also loved flowers, provided by their favourite florist Lilith Curiosa in Carmes. At the stunning building of Capitale de Toulouse, full of fine art and gold, and next to her handsome groom, Dani looked like a real princess.

The first of D&T’s wedding reception couldn’t  take place anywhere but at the Black Lion pub in Toulouse. They choose the Black Lion not only because they serve chilled Guiness, but also because this pub is very special for them. It’s here, where Thomas popped the question, ordering a bottle of champagne.

We all had a great day celebrating Dani and Thomas’ wedding, and are thrilled for this wonderful couple! Huge congratulations to them and good luck for the summer celebrations.

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