About me

My name is Pattie and I’m an award-winning, international photographer and artist, based in Toulouse, France. My adventure with photography started in childhood, and I am very lucky to do a job I truly love.

I believe in the secret power of a photograph – a power to bring back beautiful memories. As a mum of two, I understand the importance of capturing the moment. A moment that would last forever. I love taking pictures of my own children to cherish memories forever and to be able to share them with my loved ones. I’m so grateful that as a photographer I can give you that wonderful gift of memories.

Photographing people

People are the biggest inspiration in my work. I’m empathic and a good observer, which helps me to understand my subjects, and create emotional and individual portraits. I’m always fascinated with my clients’ stories, and it feels like I make new friends after each session. I think this helps me to create truly individual photographs that show more than just a pretty picture.


I have been working with art, photography and video making for over ten years. After completing my BA and MA degree in Media Production, I worked as a freelance photographer and then spent four years teaching Media Production (including photography) at the University of the West of England. I spent time in two art residencies, have featured in art exhibitions, and assisted multiple art projects. At the moment I’m based in Toulouse, Southern France, which I found incredibly beautiful and inspirational. Several of my portraits from Toulouse are published in photography magazines, Vogue Italia and awarded in national competitions.

So who’s your photographer?

I’m an extreme optimist – always seeing only the good side – and this is certainly reflected in my photos. I love nature and outdoors, finding lots of beauty in seasides, mountains, fields, and urban areas. I love traveling, visiting new places and experiencing their culture. In my free time I enjoy family time and playing with my children. But in ‘Me time’ I love seeing my creative friends, visiting art galleries, watching good films, roll skating and practising my aerial dance.

Life is too short and I’d love to take the most of it!

English speaking photographer in France

I’m fluent in English, but I can also speak Polish and French.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please have a look at my galleries to see my work, or contact me if you’d like more details about your session or the products.

Best wishes,

Pattie Fellowes



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